Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Hello is there anybody out there?


Welcome to our new blog, it's in its very early days & we quite literally have no idea about how to set it up so please stick with us.  If anyone out there wants to help with it please email us podcast@disafterdark.com.  

It's quiet a sad lonely life as a podcaster. We get interaction from out audience from about the same 5 people every time so please drop us a line.  Tell us what you like & don't like about the show, we can take it.

This post isn't anything important really it's just me (Craig) testing the Blogger app out on my iPhone.  It hasn't been updated since iOS 7.  Meh on you Google.

Anyway have a great Christmas & a Cracking 2016!

May the forks be with you

1 comment:

  1. The pub ain't changed since the last time I was there last year 😀 Love your pic with BB-8 nothing like that in EK when I went 😕