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Best way to get drunk at Epcot...


Okay I admit it, I've been drunk in Epcot, yes it's true but like me, you and everyone else reading this blog, you've been drunk in Epcot too.  But did you know that there is great method in the gentile art of 'getting drunk at Epcot', allow me to explain...

Have you heard about a challenge named as “Drinking around the World”?  If you don't have any idea, it will still appear interesting to you.  For an instance, guests can try at least one drink for each country.  Instead of simply unveiling something about destinations and culture, there must be a desire to enjoy and look for fun-filled activities.  Certainly, you want to experience what the guests had before.

For a clearer understanding about the “Drinking around the World” thing, you deserve to equip yourself with sufficient knowledge.  Here are the locations that will welcome you.  Along each stop, it is necessary that you are guided with helpful recommendations.  You can actually execute any action for the completion of task.  However, there are effective strategies that will help you along the way.

These are the stops you should never forget:

Ø  Mexico. As the first stop, you must make it memorable.  Tequila, Dos Equis beer or margarita?  Name it and your drink will be given to you right away.  There’s no need to be worried too soon.  Take note, you are only starting a great journey.  As you roam around the area, you will encounter variety of choices that will blow your mind - so pace yourself!  With the drinks you try, don’t forget to include chips, salsa, and guacamole which are worthy to be part of accepting the challenge and you know, soak up the booze a bit.

Ø  Norway. Viking Coffee is the alcoholic coffee which will satisfy your Norway stop.  It can be found at the Kringla bakery, a well-recognized by the guests because of its great offers.  There is also a cart where “Linie Aquavit Glacier” and Carlsberg beer are located.  When someone willingly took a shot and did not grimace, he will be considered as a true Viking.  Now roar with me please, do not read on until you have 'roared' loudly like a Viking at your computer/tablet/iPhone etc.

Ø  China. Among the drinking stations, the China pavilion has limited options.  However, guests will have an easy access to a great drink called “Joy of tea”.  If you had bitter liquors on your initial stops, it is a great idea to try the sweet cocktails too.  Canto Loopy and Peach Snap are some of the drinks with a mixture of juices.  There might be a specialty drink if you are fortunate during your travel.  For an instance, Tipsy Ducks in Love is a rare offer you may encounter.

Ø  Germany. The German beers are commonly preferred by the guests within the Germany pavilion. Somerfest Imbiß or Bier is the cart you can find along your search for the best drink on your current location.  Whether you want a beer or wine, Germany will satisfy your cravings.

Ø  Italy. Just like China, Italy has few choices of drinks.  If you can already feel the heat, it is ideal to cool off in a quiet place like Tutto Gusto Cellar.  You might be drunk now.  Maybe it’s time to give your liver a break by ordering small dishes from the restaurant.

Ø  African Trading Post.  Most guests are hesitant to try this location.  However, the challenge will never be complete without stopping to this particular post.  For the variety of draft beers, it is worthy to have your drink at the “Refreshment Cool Post”.

Ø  America Pavilion.  If you want to avoid this stop due to your previous experience, there is a good news for you.  Block and Hans, a booth in this area, is the perfect spot.  It features a variety of craft beers which come from different breweries.  Hopageddon Imperial, Oberon Ale, and Golden Monkey are names you are going to hear from other challengers.  The Cheese Stuffed Pretzels and Jalapeno are add-ons that will satisfy your satisfy your taste.

Ø  Morocco. If you are not satisfied with your Morocco stop last year, the “Spice Road Table” is a new bar that you must visit.  You will be able to taste special cocktails.  Your stomach may be screaming right now.  It is good to break the heavy drinks for a while and perhaps have some baklava.

Ø  Japan.  Aside from the cherry blossoms and temples, it is ideal to try the “Kirin” which has a beer foam.  This is just a light drink that will ease your uneasy feeling after plenty of shots.

Ø  France. It is nice to try something new, right?  Wine is already a common drink in France.  If you desire to give your tongue a different taste, refreshing drinks like Grand Marnier Orange and Grey Goose Citron are perfect.  If you are already thirsty after the hot drinks, France will give you cold and colored drinks or maybe wash down with some ice-cream, yeah right...

Ø  Canada.  With your Epcot adventure, Canada must never be out of the locations.  Even if it only offers a single cart, the beers are really satisfying. You can try the Moosehead in Canada.

Ø  United Kingdom. This is the last stop along your DATW challenge.  Now that you are already drunk, will you have the last drink?  Of course, you really need to complete the challenge!  Aside from taking a glass of beer, you can have a happy time with the musical performance.  United Kingdom is an appealing location which usually captures the heart of many guests.  With your adventure, you will surely love to come back soon.  And don't forget to enter into the Rose and Crown, or as we call it, Dis After Dark's sister pub!!

This guy was proper wasted...

Additional tips:

Ø  Make sure that you have sufficient budget for the challenge.  You might be overwhelmed with the colorful and refreshing liquors.  Budgeting is also applicable in this kind of task.  If you really want to try the best drink of every country, spend your money with control.

Ø  Stay hydrated and full.  It is true that the main task is to try different drinks from the mentioned locations.  However, it’s not a reason to forget about your body.  Keep in mind that you still need to consume water and food.  And pace yourself!  You can always come back another day!  The Epcot ticketing cast members will gladly take your money to come back another day, don't worry about it.

World Showcase of Epcot is indeed the home of surprises.  Drink around the World is just one of the discoveries that you need to unveil.  Make your Epcot experience a memorable one by not skipping any location.  This is the best way to get drunk at Epcot.  And remember, if you get too drunk and then become disorderly, do not mention this blog as your excuse.  You're a grown adult and bail money is expensive!  Epcot stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired, not Every Person Comes Out Drunk!  Epcod just doesn't have the same ring to it...

Don't take my word for it, here's our Craig to show how it's done...

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