Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Podcast of the Week

Podcast of the Week

WDW Today

I've listened to WDWToday for about two years now & always loved it. Sometime last year the show went down from twice a week to once a week but working on a podcast myself, I know how much work goes into producing an episode & Mike, Matt, Mike, Len & Annette have been working on the show for 10 years, so it's bound to get you down a little.

Well towards the end of 2015, the team decided to move on & handed the reigns of the show over to our good friend Logan Sekulow & his friends Terry Weaver and "The Nature Boy" Will Haynes. They've come into the show with much love & well wishes from the community of this wonderful podcast. This is the first episode in rebirth of the show & its smashing. I think this show is going to grow even bigger now that our Logan is behind the wheel. Buckle up listeners this ride just went supersonic.

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