Saturday, 16 January 2016

Soapdish's Blog Soapbox #1

So here we are DaD listeners with our brand new website and the opportunity for me to vent in a different way.

So this, the first blog Soapbox goes out to you, the fan/listener of the podcast. And why the bloody hell you don't interact with us more! Each show we get thousands of downloads and yet when we ask for input from you we get less then 1% engagement. Just 1%. 

We do this show, for you, for free, gratis. We don't earn any money, in fact, we lose money every show that goes out. But we do it out of love and enjoyment. So all I ask is engage with us more. Share our blog, follow us all on Twitter and join in on social media. Or email us. Even if you want to tell us we're shit. Id rather that then what we get from you currently.

And that... Well...


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