Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Soapdish's Blog Soapbox #2

Dear Friend/ Listener,

On this weeks show I discussed Disney Stores and what I have seen happen recently and my opinion of the state of affairs.

I am now going to share with you the PM I sent and their response back. I will also share with you my reply which they didn't respond to.

Hello. I messaged you abourt the closure of the Romford store. Gutted really. Will you re-open as I think the lease is at an end, or is it goodbye?

13 JANUARY 18:56
Thank you for your enquiry, Nic.

We constantly evaluate our Disney Stores to ensure we’re in the right sites to be able to provide Magical experiences for our Guests. As a result, we are creating new Disney destinations with various retail partners but also closing some existing Stores including the Romford Store. You will continue to be able to shop in our other Disney Stores and online at www.disneystore.co.uk.

To keep up to date with exciting information on Store relocations and new product collections, please sign up to our newsletter, by clicking ‘Register’ on www.disneystore.co.uk.

I host a Disney Podcast. My "fear" is all these stores shutting. You're not opening anything new and I get that with partners like Hasbro you can sell your products anywhere. But Disney Stores are magical places. I always wanted to work for Disney when I grew up because of the cast members. That never happened. But still, now I have friends whom are cast members, excellent at their jobs and I am sure they sell more products to people then if they had just bought the same toy from Argos, Toys R US, Clintons... (Other retailers are available). Especially now, as a parent a trip to the Disney store is an amazing experience that helps fill the gaps In Between trips to parks

Now, I will address two things. Firstly, I have dropped the "K" from my name. My name is Nicholas and there is no K there, so i felt I was cheating the world of a letter I am not entitled too.

Secondly, friends of the show Martin (@keiko315) and also @drunkatdlp was discussing this independently on twitter after we recorded the show, but before it dropped. great minds eh!

They informed me that the last of the eight they previously had in the West Country closed Feb 2015. This is the ones we were aware of such as Brighton and now Romford. He did say that the stores had been running at a loss, but my god if Disney closed everything they had running at a lost, we would see Disneyland Paris gone tomorrow. And there is no way the stores were loosing this much money.

When the show first started 4 years ago this week actually, we started a petition for Disney Stores to sell more items aimed at the adult market. I'd argue things are better, but we cannot claim that victory. However, I urge you if you care, email them. Ideally, post on their Facebook Wall, write to them on Twitter. The more public it is the better the response. And shop there when you can. We have lost enough already. I don't want them to close anymore.


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