Saturday, 23 January 2016

Sponsoring Dis After Dark

Sponsoring Dis After Dark

We are looking for someone, anyone to come in & pick up the cost of hosting the podcast on Libsyn.  This is currently $15 a month.  We don't really want any less as this is what it costs us to "host" the show. If you did want to pay extra, it would be invested in things like better Mic's for the host and software, but none of this money will be given out. This is just for the show to run as best as it can.

What can we offer in return?  

  • Firstly we'd like to give some air time to our sponsor, every show we will do a spoken advert  among ourselves, in the middle of the episode with a famous tenuous link from Nic.
  • We will also mention our Sponsor in the intro & end of each episode
  • Our show notes go out with every episode & our Sponsors will feature at the top of the notes with an interactive link
  • Our Blog will host an advert to our Sponsor

We're going to be honest here & tell you our podcast pulls in between 500 & 2500 downloads per episode.  Downloads do tend to be seasonal & levels are on the way up after a lull at Christmas. The   episodes don't go away, the shows stay online so the adverts stay online too.

Download Figures for last few months
Figures are on the increase after Christmas lull

The Sponsor will even be offered a chance to be a guest on the show.  So if you have a book to sell, a Villa in Florida to rent or even a rival podcast, we'll take your money.  

 If you are interested please drop us a line on Twitter, Facebook or email

We can't wait to work with you

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