Monday, 8 February 2016

How A Little Disney Inspiration Can Change Your Life

I am sure we have all had days when we wished our everyday lives had a little more Disney in it, be it working in the parks, behind the scenes for the company or just that we could spend every day enveloped in the Disney magic.

For these guys, that dream became a reality, where these self decribed Disney 'Super Fans' have taken that love of Disney and made a career out of it.

Now they are showing you how you could do that. Due for release May 16 2016, 5 well know Disney podcasters, Vloggers and bloggers will release Dream Finders, a documentary that explains how their love of Disney has become their life and how you could make that dream a reality.

Featuring Lou Mongello of WDW Radio, Ricky Brigante and Corrine Andersson of Inside The Magic, John Panda, otherwise known as Big Fat Panda and JeniLynn Knopp from The DIS, they explain how their life has now become all things Disney.

They also intersperse this with interviews with prominent members of Disney's history, including Ron Schneider, the original Dream Finder in the Journey to Imagination attraction as well as showing visits to the parks we know and love.

I think I can say that for the whole team, these five are trully inspirations to us, as podcasters who do this a hobby, but would surely love to be able to this as a profession.

You can find the website for Dream Finders at and you can also find them on Facebook

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  1. I'm so excited about this movie, I wept watching the promo, outside my daughters school! I came straight home & ordered it. (Craig Dis After Dark)