Saturday, 27 February 2016

The perks of being a DVC member

The perks of being a DVC member: Join now to begin your magical adventure...

For 25 years Disney Vacation Club has been turning dreams into reality for many members from all parts of the world and it is still continuing to do so with a greater zeal. Vacationing has never been so exciting and adventurous for those who love travelling and discovering new places with so many resorts and destinations to choose from. Disney brings to you something which is out of the ordinary and that is why it stands out.

If you want to be a part of all the fun and excitement there is no better time than now as Disney Vacation Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Disney has lots in store for its members including exciting events, offers, benefits and magical experiences apart from the 13 top class resorts and thousands of destinations you can choose to visit around the globe.

Each resort that Disney Vacation Club owns maintains the reputation of providing the warmest reception and finest accommodation and is designed especially for families. One can avail a typical Disney service which is offered in an array including complimentary taxi to arrive at golf courses, free DVD rentals at Community Hall and more. The Community Hall is famous for providing number of activities like free Disney theatre set up, ceramics, hoola hoop lessons, bead art, and bingo which always keep the members entertained.

Any member can notice the big difference in the room services provided in an ordinary resort and a resort of DVC. DVC members are given VIP treatment but are always made to feel at home by getting access to Membership Magic. As a matter of fact it is one of the most cost effective membership programs that you can join and scoop your family away to a magical trip or vacation you always wanted to make happen. Dreams should be turned into reality and what better time than now when they are offering you the best?

The benefits of being a Disney Vacation Club member are many and one of it is that as a member you are not stuck in one resort, type of accommodations, and time of year or length of stay. By buying a real estate interest in a DVC Resort you can become a member and you are allotted vacation points and the cost of membership will vary based on the size of the purchased real estate. Disney Vacation Club members also get discounts on annual passes that includes Disney tours, golf excursions and more.

In order to mark their 25th anniversary the DVC members are invited to exclusive parties throughout the year at Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland, California. There are more exciting events and offers including DVC Neighborhood Beach Bash, DVC Safari Spectacular, Fishing Tournaments, Special Member Lounge, Silver Anniversary Sweepstakes and much more.

So have you joined yet?


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