Tuesday, 22 March 2016

An Array Of 999 Ghosts

Following on from our latest episode with James H. Carter II, discussing The Haunted Mansion, it was brought up that the attraction gets plussed at certain times of the year and during special events. So I thought I would show you the sort of things we see, on both coasts.

Obviously the biggest change is the Nightmre Before Christmas overlay that Disneyland gets every year from September to January.

With the name changed to Haunted Mansion Holiday, Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie and friends invade the mansion and turn into a Holiday Wonderland.

While Walt Disney World's Haunted Mansion doesn't get the overlay, they do get extra additions during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party.

Cast members take on a more scary look for the evening replacing the usual fairly straight forward maid/butler look to a rather more undead looking demeanour.

We also see the outside of the mansion take on a different feel, including mist and strategic lighting to make it a more overly spooky atmopsphere. Also placed outside the mansion, we find the addition of Carlotta and Rinotta, two female ghosts who heckle the party goers.

We also see some characters from the attraction make an appearance in the Boo To You Parade. The Grave Diggers lead the procession in a macarbe dance, followed by the Hitch Hiking Ghosts, who command their own float.

The final addition for Mickey's Not So Scary is a Memory Maker magic shot, where you get to pose for a photo and then see the Hitch Hiking Ghosts to the finished product.

This year saw a new, one off event, the 25th Anniversary party for the Disney Vacation Club, which introduced another character from The Haunted Mansion to the real life interpretations, the tightrope walker from the stretching room.  

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