Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Two HUGE Upgrades Coming to MyMagic+ @ Walt Disney World

Two HUGE Upgrades Coming to MyMagic+ @ Walt Disney World

Two new enhancements are Coming later this Spring for MyMagic+ at Walt Disney World.
The first enhancement results from perhaps the one of the biggest guest complaints with FastPass+.
If everything goes according to Disney’s plans, starting sometime around early April, guests will be able to make additional FastPass+ reservations on their Smart Phones, negating the need to be in the park or looking for a booth.
Also scheduled to debut soon is the widespread rollout of StoryMaker.  This is the interactive component of MyMagic+ that many were excited about in the early days of the project. StoryMaker was one of the features that did not make the initial rollout of MyMagic+ due to the complexities with other areas of the system that were deemed to be of higher importance. Disney Imagineering concentrated its efforts on FastPass+ and MagicBand reliability.  This along with rising costs put StoryMaker on the back-burner, until now.
Already testing in some areas, StoryMaker will allow attractions to interact with guests, using information from the MyMagic+ profile associated with the guest. For example, the “it’s a small world” goodbye sequence may know exactly where you are from, or a meet and greet with Mickey Mouse might use your name.
Disney has not yet announced the availability of any of these features, so as always, we need to treat all of this as speculation at this time.

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