Sunday, 13 March 2016

Where in the World photo quiz #3 - Can anyone beat Karen Jackson?

Ok Karen has won the first 2 quizzes, so I think it is time to toughen things up a bit.

Although its hard to know what is tough and what is easy.  I guess it all depends on how many times you have been and what you have done and seen when you have been there.

Anyway here goes.....

The first is from an "attraction" that should raise a few smiles........

The second is from a popular table service restaurant.........

The third is might drive you batty..............


  1. I am guessing it is the chair climbing ninja @ France, o'hana bread pudding and the statue @ Casey's.

    1. Look like my profile didn't appear properly. Seems like it is working now.

    2. Bloody hell you guys are too good, well done Jim, you get a shout out on Sunday. I need to have a hunt through my photos for something really difficult now :)

  2. Damn it, I missed out this time! Game on Jim Aguiar, game on...