Friday, 29 April 2016

Skipper Canteen

I was able to secure a table at the newest Magic Kingdom restaurant, "The Skipper Canteen". I was joined by my husband Joseph while my teenage daughter Jenna and her friend had plans to eat at Crystal Palace later with me because they read the menu at Skipper Canteen and did no like the sounds of most anything there. Knowing I would be with the girls in the evening later I was set to just order appetizers and share a dessert. I have always wanted to try the restaurant and my husband was very excited to try it as well.

The theme is inspired by the jungles of the world. The food is designed around the Middle Eastern, Asian and South America.

It was very easy to secure a table as I went on My Disney Experience and selected the time. When the time came around I checked in at the podium and gave them my cell phone number in which they would txt me when the table was ready. The seating was very adventurous with a few cushy wicker high back chairs in the main check in room and then the room right off of that there is a very cool ceiling fan and another seating area.

Shortly after we sat down the txt came to let us know that our table was ready. We were sat in the S.E.A. room. There are three rooms that you can dine in and they are the Crew's mess hall, The Falls family room and The S.E.A. room each designed in that fashion.

We were looking forward to the corny jokes and puns but sadly the Skipper we had said she was tired and honestly for us there were no jokes.

We were brought a lovely Ambasha bread with a delicious honey dip. The bread is amazing and the honey dip is insanely good, its very addicting; however, my husband did not like the bread at all.

Then it was time to order our drinks and I could not believe that had my favorite Club Cool drink at Epcot, the Fanta Melon and it was unlimited refills. It was so good and refreshing. My husband just order a water with lemon. Then it was time for the appetizers. Joseph order the S.E.A. Shu Mai and I ordered the Ginger of Croc Soup. The soup was very spicy to me and had quit the bite to it. Joseph's Shu Mai was quit good, it has both pork and shrimp in the filling, You get five pieces of steamed Gyoza skinned wrapped mung bean, pork and shrimp dumplings.

On to the dessert. We both ordered the Coconut bar with pineapple-basil compote. The dessert although good was not worth the amount we paid. It is light in flavor and small but very pretty.

Honestly, I think Skipper Canteen is a nice respite from the traditional burgers in the park. Its a beautifully decorated space with a lot of character. I have heard rumor that the menu is experiencing an overhaul as I type this. I will go back and try a full meal the next time and give a more in depth review. On a separate note this restaurant does not accept DVC discount.

Thank you for letting me share this review with you.

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