Thursday, 19 May 2016

Florida. once in a life time holiday? or destination for life? i know my answer!

Hey I'm that Florida Guy and this is my first blog so go easy! 

I suppose a good place to start is the beginning. 
In 2012 we set off to have a once in a life time holiday to Florida.  We saved and saved and planned until our hearts were content, as this would be our once and only time going.  The time finally came and being from Newcastle we had to get the train to Manchester and stay overnight which was a small holiday in itself .
Our first year was amazing with so much to do. my fiances face dropped when she seen magic kingdom for the first time. It was worth all the saving to see the smile on her face!

( top: me and my fiance with the Simpsons. bottom: me in Virgins V room at Manchester airport)

This was all new to us.  We knew nothing of advanced dining reservations, fast passes, tipping etiquette, or any other neat tips and tricks.  Now it's 2016 and i'd like to say i'm a bit of an expert.  All my ADR's are booked exactly from 180 days, my fast passes from 30 days, and our full holiday is planned day by day,
Now some people think this is extreme and ask why waste so much time when its meant to be a holiday.  My answer is simple.  Florida is magical & to make it more magical it takes planning. its worth the hours sitting on a laptop planing each day.   It's worth getting up early to book fast passes and even choose plane seats.

(top: the famous magic kingdom. bottom :us at ice bar Orlando)

Our 2012 trip was coming to an end.  We had the most amazing time ever.  I didn't think id enjoy it as much as i did.  We had arrived back home, and 24 hours later we were back at the travel agents booking again for the year after. 

So now its 2016 and we have been every year since 2012.  We are in the process of planning this years trip and can honestly say i'm more excited each year we go.

People say to me.  Do you not get sick of going to the same place each year.  I can honestly say no.  I have a list of things longer than my arm of places I want to go, and things I want and NEED to see and have not done even half those things in 4 years. 

The point I'm trying to make is.  If you haven't been you cant fall in love with the place, and you don't understand. i think everyone reading this will have some interest in the place and will be agreeing with me? 

If you haven't been yet and are thinking about it.  Give it a chance and i can guarantee you will fall in love with Orlando Florida just as i have.

(Top: our hotel room, Middle: mega nachos Bottom: deep pan pizza pie)

I hope you enjoyed my first blog.  Thank you for reading.

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