Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Run Disney Move into Virtual Market

While the introduction of a Half Marathon at Disneyland Paris has helped us European Run Disney fans, it still isn't the easiest thing to get to.
Where Virtual Running has become very popular in recent years, where you run your chosen distance under your own steam within a certain time period and receive your medal in the post after you have completed it, yet Run Disney haven't been involved with that.

Until Now...

Starting May 15th, Disney Virtual Running Shorts will begin. Consisting of three different 5K races and the Series challenge, you can either choose to just pick one of the races or complete all three to complete the series.

Each race has a time period to complete the race in, The Yellow Shoes between 15th May-1st June, The Red Pants between 5th June-June 18th and The White Gloves June 19th-June 30th.

So far only The Yellow Shoes medal has been unveiled....

The cost is $39 (plus fees) per race or $142 (plus fees) for the challenge for which you will also receive the challenge medal and Run Disney tumbler.

Two of our hosts will be taking part, myself (Paul W) and The Talented Mr Ripley.

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