Monday, 13 June 2016

Standing together with Orlando and the LGBT Community

Hello there listeners and / or readers of our blog,

For those of all that have already listened to this weeks show you will know that we opened up the show talking about the tragic events of the 11th June in Orlando. Basically I wanted to really hammer this home to people, especially with how we in the UK see things as well.

Islam/Muslims are not a race. Really, race doesn't exist, its a concept. But we definitely suffer Islamophobia both here in the UK and in America. Not everybody, but there are a lot of people. Terror attacks done by DAISH (AKA ISIS but they hate the D word) are not real Muslims and do not follow Islam. Not the Islam that every other Muslim follows anyway.

People say "If Islam is such a peaceful religion, how come they are always causing terrorist attacks". Well, in answer to that, ask the Christians, Jews, Catholics and The Crusades, the IRA, Israel/Palestine conflict etc.  There is a difference between religious followers and idiots hell bent or distorting interpretations to fit into their own ideals. To quote a phrase that trended last year after another "religious" nutter attack in the UK, to the people who "commit crimes in the name of Allah  well, to that I say, "You ain't no Muslim, bruv".

I think it is clear to see now that the nightclub WAS targeted because of the LGBT community who called it home. And while Islam, like most religious, are not known for being LGBT friendly, DAISH have made numerous threats before calling action against gay people. This was an attack not just on our American friends, but also the LGBT community which I think is not being focused on. That I also think is sad, because I think that it is key we call this out for being a targeted attack and not just a random killing of Americans.

So what can we do? What should we do? Well, firstly lets start by recognizing DAISH is NOT representative of a religion. My Muslim friends always hate when something like this happens because you get some people who will tarnish all Muslims with the same brush. So firstly, I hope you understand the difference. Being Muslim does not mean you agree with or support DAISH. We need to stand, shoulder to shoulder, in solidarity and denounce this. No matter what your religion, creed, age and sexuality is, or even if like myself, you don't believe in religion. United we can stand up to them.

Then, we must carry on. I have been fortunate to have never lost people to such a tragedy and there fore have no idea what it must feel like. But if we do not carry on, they win. So keep coming to Orlando, don't cancel your trip, carry on as normal. They do these things as they want to create fear in us all. We must not let them succeed. We have to show them we are bigger then them and we won't let them win. THAT is what will eat them up inside is that we carry on.

Finally, I think we need to show my tolerance and support to our fellow men and women. I know people who find it hard to accept gay people, but we should be accepting that we all have the right to love, no matter who that is with. Thankfully people are a lot more accepting of gay relationships then they were 50 years ago. No matter your own views, lets unite as one and denounce these terrorist groups. 

While were at it, lets treat each other better too. I posted a video on my Facebook page the other day when I bought some food for a homeless guy and his dog who was sitting outside a shop. He looked so grateful for what was a relatively small gesture, and it made me feel so happy to have done something positive. Lets all try and do something positive and make this world seem a better place. Again, this just annoys them more because they are not winning, whilst we feel great for doing a good deed. It doesn't matter the size of the gesture, but just to do something that will make someone feel better.  

We may not be able to be with you Orlando at this time, but we are with you in spirit. Please do not let them win, lets show them our solidarity, no matter our religious views or sexual orientation, this is about not letting the bad guys win. Maybe, one day, finally finding peace.

So, in conclusion, FU ISIS and FU DAISH. 

We are all united in our hatred of you, and one day we will all unite as one to make sure you no longer exist.

Nic "Soapdish"   


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