Thursday, 18 August 2016

HHN 26 announcement videos & HHN themed costumes and makeup

3 original houses, 1 UBER IP house, 5 scarezones, 2 shows and a super secret 10th VR house

It’s been a busy week for the HHN team ! Not only did they unleash a MEGA announcement, including a whole bunch of original houses and scarezones, plus the ever-present HHN staple Bill & Ted show AND a brand new dance and speciality acts show - they also revealed a super secret 10th VIRTUAL REALITY upcharge house “The Repository”

A few days later they announced a house that we’ve been dying to see for years - American Horror Story.

Check out all the details and my thoughts on them in the videos below

As you know, I love to create masks/costumes and dress up and I LOVED creating/ re-creating these looks. ( I particularly loved making the Purge masks, I’m pretty sure that I’ll use one of these for my Halloween costume this year and my interpretation of Vamp 1955.)

My American Horror Story makeup was done by my super talented sister Ashlee.

Are you excited about HHN this year ? What do you think of the announcements? Let me know !

Amanda x

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