Saturday, 26 November 2016

Gin's (Jen) newest book is live "Pirate Vixen of the Red Dawn"

I wanted to share with you my newest book that just went live tonight 11-26-2016. It is in paperback and ebook. 
Book Cover

Ariella always looked up to her late Father the famous Captain Red Beard of the Red Dawn making him proud every chance she could until the day he passed away. Now it is up to her to take over her late Fathers ship the Red Dawn and prove to her crew that she is more than just a pretty face. 

 In this intriguing story Captain Ariella fights off Orcs while maintaining her reputation of the most wicked female Captain anyone has ever known. She is fearless and has never backed down from a fight. Men fear her while women want to be her. A book about courage and valor. This captivating story is suspense and battle filled adventure, sword clashing, action, mystery with unforgettable characters. This story will take you back in history to a magical time of Pirates, adventure and love, a spell or two and a few battles and perhaps even a true Pirate wedding.
Captain Ariella was always in charge of her emotions until that day the handsome stranger came on-board. Although long ago when she was young she thought she was in love, however; now she has little time for such foolishness. She will learn the truth of her Father and perhaps may even fall for a man whom she never dare think possible. Someone from her past comes in her life in a very interesting way. She is on the hunt for her Fathers treasure and must do whatever it takes to find it. She also must help King Arioch battle the Orcs. She has help from some friends along the way including Elves, Goblins and her Fathers old friend Torgus with his magical orb's and perhaps a little magical power of her own.

Will she conquer the battle of the Orcs? Will she find her Fathers treasure? Will her best mate leave her for good and if so why? Find out all this and so much more as you read, “Pirate Vixen of the Red Dawn", A Vixens Valor!”  

Pirate Vixen of the Red Dawn
Captain Ariella

This book is dedicated to my late parents.

Please check it out and tell me what you think. If you can't purchase it please share. Thank you so much.

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