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Translated from ED92 and taken from their website here  We are just sharing their news and this is their work, we have just translated it to english.

Do you like your annual Passport, this nice piece of magnetised plastic that offered you without ruining some of your most beautiful memories at Disneyland Paris?

Yes ? In this case, take it in your hands, consider it, cherish it until its expiration, because it is soon with nostalgia that you will remember the time when for 223 euros a year (or even every 18 months In case of renewal) you could glean your dose of Magic every day of the year, without restriction. Indeed, Disneyland Paris has revised the range of future ex-annual passports, and as of 29 March, the new annual passes - their new name - will take you to Infinity and beyond ... your usual budget.

Henceforth, the annual Pass of Unlimited and Privileges has a new name, Infinity, and its price is very far from that of its very popular predecessor, the Dream: you will now have to pay 399 euros - an increase of 79% - to offer you the precious sesame, accompanied by new advantages:


Thus, this significant increase in the price of the "Premium" Pass is accompanied by the arrival of all new advantages that can be described as VIP:
- parking spaces closer to the entrance dedicated to the visitors' car park;
- Parking in New York, Newport Bay and Sequoia Lodge hotels and access to the pools at the same hotels;
- dedicated entrances to both parks;
- "VIP" places reserved for the parades and the future show "Illuminations"
- dedicated office for the annual pass office - dedicated telephone line and concierge service - reservations opened 48 hours earlier for "events PA".

At this rate, and although accessible by monthly payment, the Annual Pass "Infinity" is not within the reach of all the scholarships. It should be noted, however, that for comparison, the Disneyland Resort's annual non-restricted passport costs $ 1049. The Passport offering 350 days of visit costs $ 849, its Parisian equivalent costs 249 € and offers more advantages.
Obviously, other less expensive Annual Passes complete the offer of the Annual Pass:




To better situate the new Pass compared to the old passports, we propose three comparative tables:

In order not to lose benefits (and certainly to win), you have to pass a Pass of a higher amount than the Passport currently held. Do you prefer to keep a constant budget compared to your current Annual Passport? You will lose benefits, while paying a little more than currently.

Questions answers :

1. How long is my current Annual Passport valid? With what advantages?
Your current Annual Pass remains valid on the same terms as on the day of subscription, until the expiry date indicated above: for example, a Dream Annual Passport will give you access to both parks without restrictions until the date of its expiry, expiry.

2. Holding an Annual Passport, I am interested in one of the new Annual Passes. When can I subscribe and under what conditions?
From 29th March onwards, a holder of a current Annual Passport can upgrade it to an Annual Pass, paying the difference in price:

Be careful though: the upgrade does not change the expiration date of your old PA, it just allows you to have the benefits of the new Annual Pass and a 25 Euro gift card. So be sure to check the expiry date of your Annual Passport and then consider the possible interest of the upgrade. You can of course wait until your current Annual Passport expires and then choose to renew by choosing one of the new Annual Passes. In this case (renewal), the duration of your Annual Pass will be 16 months (against 18 at the time of renewal).

3. I have no Annual Passport currently, is there a launch offer?
Yes, an additional month is available to purchase a Discovery, Magic Flex or Magic Plus Annual Pass; Two more months are available if you purchase an Infinity Annual Pass. This offer of launching is not cumulative with the offer of renewal.

4. What about the sponsorship offer?
In case of sponsorship of 3 Annual Passes, an additional 6 months are offered on your Annual Pass.

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